Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fiorelli's Sparkling Style Inspiration

By now you’re probably already aware that this year we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary here at Fiorelli, and we couldn't think of any better way to celebrate than by adding some beautiful new sterling silver jewellery into our collection! 

Yes, we create fabulous handbags and purses for all occasions but we also love a good piece of outfit making jewellery too, and have many jewellery style icons. Well, who hasn't secretly long coveted a jewellery collection that resembles that of the late Elizabeth Taylor?! 

Elizabeth was an international style icon who became almost as famous for her exquisite taste in fine jewellery (particularly Bulgari) as she did for her work as an actress. 

One of her favourites was her antique chandelier earrings which she wore several times over the decades. They were originally made from paste glass gems when she discovered them in a Paris boutique but she later had them transformed with real diamonds... Every girl's dream!  

Her private jewellery collection raised 74 million dollars in one night at auction, which set a new world record!  Her stunning ruby and diamond Cartier necklace was estimated to bring no more than $300,000 but was actually snapped up for $3,778, 500!

One of our favourite ever pieces once belonging to Elizabeth has to be her 69.42 carat pear-shaped diamond initially worth around $1,000,000. Originally, it was a ring but Elizabeth decided that it was too big and had it transformed into a necklace, which is proof that frosting doesn't always have to be loud as to make an impact. That's something that we agree upon, and so, we've tried to inject our new sterling silver collection with a simplistic wow factor. 

Let us introduce you to some of our favourite pieces from our new range, the striking sterling silver crystal drop pendant and drop earrings, which are just the perfect amount of sparkle as to complement your outfits. 

Head over to to view more of our silver collection, and why not even show us how your incorporating the Fiorelli silver jewellery into your outfits? Simply share your sparkling style snaps with @Fiorelli_Bags on Twitter and Instagram

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hollywood Glamour: How To Get the Red Carpet Look with Fiorelli

From star studded schedules to designer dresses, the lives of feature film actresses are rather enviable - a quick peek at red carpet events can turn even the most content woman into a green eyed monster.

Although Oscar season isn’t due until February, with Christmas looming, the time for glamorous outfits is fast approaching as many prepare for parties, balls and other seasonal events. What better time then, to make like the glitterati and replicate Hollywood glamour style? Be it British actress, Carey Mulligan or SATC fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, read the Fiorelli guide to achieving the red carpet look:

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP: Image Source       Bracelets: Image Source
Sarah Jessica Parker is not exactly a wallflower, her extravagant style is often just as present off screen as it is on. In her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, we see Bradshaw covet the most excessive outfits (anybody remember that Vivienne Westwood wedding dress with the aquamarine feather boa hair piece?) and in real life, the actress is also in favour of statement attire. 
Take this shimmery lime green structured dress for example - the dress is bold, but SJP keeps it chic with jewelled bangles and understated heels. Achieve Sarah Jessica Parker style with a neon shift dress and classic jewellery, these Fiorelli metallic beaded bracelets will add embellishment to your outfit without over-exaggerating the look.
Carey Mulligan
Carey: Image Source       Juliet Clutch  Image Source
Carey Mulligan is the queen of cool, over the years Mulligan has transformed her look many times and conquered every single one with grace and style; from a blonde pixie cut paired with masculine tailoring which made her look like Edie Sedgwick’s doppelganger to a brunette bob with a blunt fringe which she styled with quirky tea dresses and T-bar flats.
In this red carpet look, we see Mulligan transformed once more, this time opting for a demure Alexander McQueen halter neck dress with an embellished collar and cut out sides. One thing we've noticed with the stars is they never seem to need to carry trusty arm candy to store that lippie or mobile phone, these items are most likely left in the hands of a dutiful PA. For the rest of us, it’s highly unlikely that your regular Snow Ball will come with the option of clutch bag concierge, so you may want to invest!
Planning on replicating Carey Mulligan’s style? The Fiorelli Juliet clutch bag is the ideal accessory to complement this particular look and is roomy enough to store all those last minute essentials - eat your heart out Carey.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Paltrow: Image Source       Clutch: Image Source
Day to day, Gwyneth Paltrow opts for casual cool clothing, it’s not uncommon to see the mother of two snapped around the streets of London in a comfy pair of jeans, masculine blazer and knee high boots. However, when it comes to red carpet events, Paltrow evolves into the kind of head turning goddess who would give Elle Macpherson a run for her money. Pictured here at CFDA awards, Paltrow stuns in a sequinned one shoulder dress with a cut out side. Paltrow needs no jewellery here but does carry an enveloped clutch. Channel Paltrow prowess with a sequinned floor length dress and the Fiorelli textured Pixie clutch bag.
What do you think of these glamorous looks? Share your red carpet style icons with us on Twitter at @Fiorelli_Bags.

Friday, 25 October 2013

#FiorelliExclusive: FabTips' Editor Laura Styles the Perla Bag

See what FabTips' editor, Laura Ward-Ongley's style journey with our #FiorelliExclusive Perla bag looks like in her guest post for Style Notes...
When I'm not editing the UK's number 1 luxury beauty blogzine - I'm consulting... and consulting means commuting from Wiltshire to London with dreadfully early starts.
A first class commute is the only way to commute
My Fiorelli Perla comes with me on the train those mornings, stuffed full of everything bar a laptop - skincare, makeup, three phones (I like to stay connected), hair products, iPad, heels, my notes etc... One of the things I love most about it is its deceptive scale. 
Special mention going out to awesome NYC hair styling brand YAROK... feed your do styling whip and feed your dohair spray are best in class
On my average day I arrive into Waterloo, then stroll across the embankment suspension bridge to get into soho 
I opt for this over tube or taxi as an exhilarating start to the day:  Choppers swoop overhead spiriting captains of industry to their 9am's, the London eye creaks slowly round to my left already full of keen sight-seers and to my right the city majestically begins to pierce the skyline.  When the sun shines on London it's the best city in the world.
This is actually the view from one of my Client's offices... not bad
Once in-situ at my 'office' (soho house) instead of reaching for the green juice I get straight on the eggs benedict - I am entirely addicted and have recently discovered eggs Benedict with bearnaise sauce... just have to factor in an additional hour at the gym each week!
...that said if one is up at an ungodly 6am, the old bod needs effective fuel so I don't feel too guilty. I wolf it down and get to work on my iPad.
 using my bluetooth keyboard (get one- they're amazing!) to turn it into proper working kit.  I cart around waaaay too much other paraphernalia in my Fiorelli Perla  to consider giving up precious space for a laptop!

Chrome bluetooth iPad keyboard £69.99 PC World - I won't travel without it

From there on in it's a steady stream of clients and earl grey - everyone from entrepreneurs who need some marketing advice on their incredible new venture to luxury brands who want a tres chic social media strategy through to national newspapers who want to become more entrepreneurial.  You name it, I've worked with them (and learnt from them - my clients are fabulous and very smart).  My Fiorelli Perla sits next to me looking v professional throughout... well someone has to!
Some bold sartorial styling there with the snow leopard print!
If i've a gap between meetings then i'll FabTip - editing features, keeping eye on our social feeds and briefing the team on our next big venture (FabVision in 2014 - you're going to love it!).
FabVision in the edit - shot on location in Chelsea
The last meeting of the day inevitably runs over meaning  a dash with my Fiorelli Perla to get the 16.50 from Waterloo back to Wiltshire - where this little creature is waiting to give me a warm welcome...
Terry Edward Louis Ward-Ongley.  The most handsome boy I know.
 Makeup off.  Walk Terry.  Hit gym. PJs on.  FabTips editing.  Bed.  Start again.

You can find FabTips here and Find Laura Ward-Ongley’s marketing and social media consultancy here

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Handbag History: Facts you Never Knew About your Most Prized Possession

Pochettes, pockets and man bags; the history of handbags is both intriguing and entertaining. Fiorelli share a selection of the best handbag facts.

They’re a woman’s best friend and we can never own enough, but when it comes to handbag trivia, most of us don’t know the first thing about the origins of our beloved arm candy. As long time lovers of the world’s most covetable accessory, we’ve decided to delve into the history of handbags to dish up interesting facts you probably never knew about your most prized possession.

Men used to adore arm candy, too
Nowadays it’s hard to picture your typical guy in the accessories section of a department store agonising over whether to buy the smoke or tan coloured bag, but back in Ancient Egyptian times, men were totally besotted. 
Ancient scriptures reference Egyptian men wearing purse pouches as bracelets and African priests were well-known for carrying beaded bags. Definitely one to remember for the next time your partner wails about your so-called shopping habits, touché.

Until the 18th Century, women made do with ‘pockets’
A quick peek at various ‘what’s in my bag’ blog posts reveal just how many things us ladies like to lug around in our faithful handbags, however before the 18th century many women were content with carrying their worldly possessions around in skirt or dress pockets. 
However, these were not pockets as we know them today, instead pockets were coin purses which you could attach to your girdle. That’s one trend we don’t see making a comeback anytime soon.

“Francois, would you be a dear and pass me my Pochette?”
Today we know them by the name of clutch bags, but until the early 1900’s, these devilishly good looking bags were known as pochettes. The name was derived from the French for ‘little pocket’ and referenced the often envelope shaped appearance of clutch bags. The former name definitely has a certain ring to it!
Of course, being Fiorelli, we couldn’t give you a history lesson without offering a smattering of style inspiration, here’s how we style the classic pochette:

Cropped Trousers: The Whitepepper, Clutch Bag: Fiorelli, Lipstick: Marc Jacobs

Heard an interesting handbag fact and dying to share it? Let us know on Twitter at @Fiorelli_Bags!

Friday, 18 October 2013

How To: Pack Light for a Winter City Break

When heading off on a city break, we all know that ‘traveling chic’ also means traveling light. With the best intentions of finding the most gorgeous hotel in the perfect location, many of us fall at the final hurdle of city-breaking - packing. When visiting another city - even for only 3 or 4 days - this can quickly initiate panicked thoughts of unlikely situations for which you may need a whole host of clothes and cosmetics that even your most sturdy of holdalls won’t be able to contain. What’s a girl to do? 

Fear not, because Team Fiorelli have got packing light down to a T - often visiting other locations for inspiration, or, just to see the sights, we are a group of worldly travellers who know a thing or two about packing just the right amount - and sometimes a little more...

The number one rule of city break packing is that planning is everything. If you have even a general an idea of the kind of activities you will be doing, it’s easy to have some foresight into your weekend wardrobe. For example, if you’re sight-seeing and taking walking tours, flat shoes are a must, and good news - sneakers are in for AW13! Flat shoes are easy enough to squeeze into a holdall or smaller suitcase, and we love these leopard-print slip-on sneakers by Carvela as the perfect way to brighten up your new-season style and work the animal print trend too.
Fiorelli's Tip: Wear your sneakers on your journey for a comfortable and casual look to travel in.

Planning each outfit is not just a space saver, but a time saver too. If you are able to create a capsule wardrobe for your trip, no longer will you find yourself in front of your hotel mirror changing looks long after you had planned on stepping out for your city adventure. Blue jeans are forever a style staple that go with almost anything - pack a small selection of tops to wear them with and you’ll give yourself back not only some of your baggage allowance, but also some of your time to explore. Pair your jeans with an essential grey jumper, or pare it down with a casual checked shirt.
Fiorelli's Tip: Roll your clothes rather than folding them flat when packing to create a surprising amount of extra suitcase space!

Toiletries always pose the trickiest aspect of packing light. Of course, the key is to keep things minimal and so we suggest holding back on the make-up on your weekend away. Invest in a good tinted moisturiser that doubles up as both a soothing cream and a light foundation - find one with an SPF included for an added bonus. Armed with a black khol eye pencil which takes up next to no space, transform your look from day to night with a smokey eye. Pack your beauty essentials in our bold green Juliet clutch to keep them together in transit, and then finish your look by toting this gorgeous bag out in the evening to save the need to pack extra accessories.
Fiorelli's Tip: Tried and tested, decant your larger toiletries (e.g. shampoo, conditioner) into smaller bottles to save on both room and weight with your luggage.

Do you have any tips on how to pack hand luggage? Share your tips with us on Twitter and Instagram and tag your photos with @Fiorelli_Bags using the hashtag #FiorelliStyle. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

How To Style your Statement Necklace for A/W 13

The ultimate way to wear your knit this Autumn / Winter is big and chunky, whilst accessorising with some amazing statement jewellery. We've seen the trend being sported by some of our favourite fashion bloggers, celebrities, and of course, upon the runways during Fashion Week. Model Jourdan Dunn shows exactly how to work the trend upon Burberry Prorsum's catwalk below. 

So, if this trend has got your name written all over it, let us provide you with some outfit inspiration featuring our gorgeous new jewellery collection

Laid Back Sparkle
The secret to making your chunky winter jumpers look more stylish than frumpy is by layering up. Pop a casual denim shirt underneath a nice comfy knit to give the effect of a contrasting collar, and inject a splash of sparkle with a statement necklace like our chain bib necklace. The kind of necklace that you'd only wear with an LBD, right? Well, not no more! 

Create this look by opting for a crisp white collared shirt underneath a chunky cable knit jumper, and complete the outfit with a stylish gold and crystal necklace. It's the smart way to do a relaxed look, whilst oozing an air of feminine elegance. The obvious would be to hit the cocktail bar with this dressy statement necklace but this outfit proves that it's equally as workable within a daytime look. 

Punks are hot again this A/W 13, so, why not try the trend out in a less of a permanent dye your hair a crazy colour kind of way (unless that's your thing, of course!), and opt for a spiky gold and crystal statement necklace  instead. Team with a crisp white shirt and mesh black jumper for sleek and cool daytime look.

We hope that you're feeling inspired by our outfits, and we'd love to see how your styling your statement necklaces for the new season, so, tag your bold #FiorelliStyle photos with @Fiorelli_Bags on Twitter and Instagram

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#FiorelliExclusive: Annie Bean Styles the Vivi Bag

Give your monochrome look an update with our web exclusive Vivi grab bag, the latest addition to our leather collection. We teamed up with ever stylish Annie Bean, who toted this #FiorelliExclusive look during London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend, as well as any occasion she gets the chance to since! From traveling to and from work to weekends with friends, Annie proves that the Vivi bag is truly a worthy partner, saying “Vivi is a classic bag, but because of the burgundy teamed with the monochrome, it makes it stylish yet fun and the ideal arm companion for AW13!”

London Fashion Week
Though the weather may have held up for the fashionistas on and off the catwalk at LFW, Annie decided to ‘embrace the monochrome trend with a winter coat’. Finishing the look with velvet leggings and strappy sandals, Annie plays with textures and trans-seasonal pieces to add a modern update to this chic trend with Vivi’s splash of burgundy serving to break up the colour palette!

London Fashion Weekend
Taking a more relaxed approach, Annie pares down her monochrome look for London Fashion Weekend as an opportunity for a fun day out with friends - and shopping! For this look, Annie says “I love to throw on my leather biker jacket to make any outfit casual and young”. Paired with some floral print trousers, this outfit is bold without being bright, and classic without being boring. 

AW13 and Onwards
So what is in store for Annie and Vivi for the coming season? “Vivi will be joining me to work mainly, and will also accompany me on most other outings” - Annie shows that this gorgeous grab bag is a heavy-duty handbag that really will go anywhere, and with anything. With enough space to fit all of Annie’s workday essentials - iPad, diary, lunch, purse, keys, make up and more! - Vivi seriously is a girl’s best friend. 

Annie’s final verdict? “I absolutely cannot fault this bag at all. Smooth leather in AW13 colours, it is the perfect partner in crime for absolutely any occasion.”

Now available from today in a chic nude mix, be the first to grab your Vivi bag in it’s newest colour, and beat the fash pack to this season’s must-have accessory. The only question is, how will you wear yours? 

View Annie Bean's full blog here, and show us your #FiorelliStyle for AW13 on Twitter and Instagram at @Fiorelli_Bags for the chance to sit pretty in our style gallery!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Discover Fiorelli's A/W 13 Quilt and Texture Trend

It feels like there’s never been a time when quilted handbags weren't in fashion, but really, the boom probably began right after Chanel released their now iconic 2.55! And it’s been the staple designer bag of choice amongst A-Listers ever since! They've all styled it up in their own ways too, be it glamorous or relaxed!  

We can take some style inspiration from Pop Star Katy Perry who is often seen toting some classic quilted Chanel. Or for those who like to be ahead of the game, look towards Chanel's S/S 14 runway during Paris Fashion Week, whereby their handbag collection was re-imagined in several futuristic feeling silhouettes. 

So, after perusing around our latest range, you've probably already noticed that we’re also loving a bit of texture upon our handbags for this A/W 13, and have created a variety of beautifully quilted pieces of arm candy for you to glide into the new season with! 

It's difficult to choose a favourite amongst our striking new collection, and there really is a handbag for every occasion. The Angelica tote makes for the perfect everyday go-to whereas its sister, the large Angelica grab can add a little sophistication to an outfit. And remember, there's always the quilted Louise medium purse for those of you who love the matchy matchy trend! 

Now the only question left to ask is which one will you opt for?! Tote, grab bag or purse - tell us what your handbag style by Tweeting to us at @Fiorelli_Bags!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Discover our Top Trends for A/W 13

Autumn is well and truly upon us leaving no other option than to race through shop checkouts with as many A/W13 statement pieces as our bank balances can handle…Hey, we need something to cheer us up through this weather! With many irresistible trends making an appearance this year, deciding on our favourites was no easy task. From tartan to investment handbags, the Fiorelli team share their favourite Autumn / Winter 2013 fashion trends:

Image Sources: Skirt, Trousers, Flats

This tenacious trend has enjoyed its fair share of the limelight in the past, but now tartan is back and bigger than ever. Originating in Scotland, tartan started life as the material of a Scotsman’s kilt but by the 1970’s it had become an integral part of punk fashion and a symbol of anti-establishment.
Tartan patterns are traditionally red, blue and white in colour but there are many variations available. Pay homage to the punk scene with a pleated tartan skirt, head turning leggings or a simple hair accessory.

Image Sources: Bag, Coat, Earrings

When we think of autumn colour trends, pale pink is an unlikely contender, however this is the hotly-tipped colour which graced a large proportion of the catwalks at London Fashion Week and every fashion magazine within a 5,000 mile radius.

Perhaps one of the biggest avenues this ultra-feminine trend is going down is that of the winter coat, whether that be wool blend, swing boyfriend or oversized style, every fashion house worth their salt is producing at least one powder pink coat this season. Another way to channel the trend is through a statement handbag such as the Fiorelli Hope in Dusky Pink or a subtle piece of jewellery, perhaps a pair of Pink Drop Earrings.

Fed up of purchasing arm candy which falls at the first hurdle? If we had a penny for every time we've purchased a beautiful accessory only for it to show detrimental signs of wear and tear after one or two uses, well, we’d be rich!

An investment handbag is a staple piece which will last through the ages and has a timeless appeal, no matter what’s in for ‘this season’. When it comes to choosing an investment handbag, quality and longevity are both important factors to consider, a classic leather style will never go out of fashion, like the Marla Medium Grab in black croc for instance. Above all, choose a handbag which you will want to use time and time again, otherwise your high quality purchase could end up gathering dust in a cupboard.

What’s on your shopping list this A/W? Tell us on Twitter or show us on Instagram at @Fiorelli_Bags using #FiorelliStyle - we can't wait to see your next season picks!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

#FiorelliInspiration: Our Trip to China

The inspirations for our gorgeous designs come from around the world, and if you've been following our #FiorelliInspiration hashtag across our social channels, you’ll have seen that our Brand Manager Sue, and Senior Designer Lisa have recently been all the way to China! So, from cultural musings to next season’s inspirations, here's a glimpse into their trip.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The Chinese take upon the morning dish was completely different  to our usual slice of toast and cup of tea, and we were left spoilt for choice! 

Our daily commute over to the factories was a lot more interesting too. We'd switch the inside of a jam packed tube carriage for this any day! Did we mention that our trip coincided with a super typhoon?! - The worst in around 30 years. We took the photo above in its aftermath. 

If you're wondering what exactly's influencing our next collection, here's a sneak peek of one of our inspirational mood boards that we compiled whilst at one of our factories.

 Here we are are finalising our colour selection for next season's range. It's an exciting stage, as we really begin to get a feel for what the collection will look like. 

Another important step is deciding which fabrics that we'll use next season. Here are a few of our inspirations.

We sampled many new things whilst in China, and one of the most memorable was this quirky looking Dragon fruit! It's such a beautiful pink tone too... Who knows, you may see a Fiorelli handbag in this colour-way one day, as design inspiration really can come from anywhere!

Whether you're a budding designer or love to style your own looks, we want to know what inspires you. Share your stories with us on Twitter or inspirational photos with us on Instagram at @Fiorelli_Bags using the #FiorelliInspiration hashtag - we can't wait to hear what inspires you!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The New Casual

Team Fiorelli know that your off-duty style is just as telling as how you wear your 9-to-5 look and, with our AW13 casual collection you can take your weekend wear to new heights. From unexpected colourways to spacious totes, see how we are relaxing our style this season. 

Brooke Shoulder Bag
Meet the new smart/casual with our metallic bronze Brooke bag. Perfect for adding a little glitz to your everyday look, Brooke is spacious enough for your essentials but still glam enough to transform your style. Take your Brooke from leisurely lunches with the girls to dinner and drinks. Paired with tailored cigarette trousers and a fine knit, simply swap your loafers for a pair of court shoes and instantly update your look. 

Knit - Whistles; Trousers - Reiss; Loafers - Pretty Ballerinas; Courts - Dune; Bag - Fiorelli

Stan Tote Bag
Forget diamonds, Stan is a girl’s best friend. Perfect for family days out, Stan can handle everything you’ll need to carry with you. In this season’s chicest colour, our tan Stan tote bag is the perfect way to update a classic look - tote yours against a breton striped top, boyfriend-style jeans and a pair of sneakers for the ultimate laid-back look. 
Stripe Top - J Crew; Jeans - Topshop; Bag - Fiorelli

Ted Cross Body Bag
Ted may be small, but our red cross body bag is set to stand our this season. Add a pop of colour to a feminine look by clashing this essential style with AW13’s colour of the moment and wear next to a pink skirt. Perfectly petite, take your Ted cross body on a girly day shopping for a style that won’t weigh you down, and complete your look with our must-have accessory. 

V-Neck Jumper - Zara; Pink Fluff Skirt - Topshop; Bag - Fiorelli

What's your staple off-duty look? Show us your casual #FiorelliStyle on Twitter and Instagram at @Fiorelli_Bags for the chance to sit pretty in our style gallery!

Friday, 4 October 2013

La Fashion Folie Styles the Jasmine Bag

Our #FiorelliHandpicked blogger Sophie Green of La Fashion Folie shares with us her next-season style with tan Jasmine bag...

When Fiorelli sent me my beautiful Jasmine bag to celebrate the launch of their AW13 collection, my thoughts turned to how to work it into my wardrobe. I am drawn to a colour palette of moody navy blues in winter so no doubt the Jasmine will feature alongside some indigo denim and a deep navy crombie jacket when the temperature start to drop.  

But Jasmine’s starring role in my wardrobe will see her incorporated this season’s biggest trend story: the pink coat. In a moment that can only be described as a ‘trend premonition’, I impulse purchased a £40 pink wool tailored coat in the autumn/winter sales and have been feeling decidedly smug since the fashion magazines declared it the ‘must-have’ item for the new season. To style my pink coat without looking too prim, I’ll incorporate some washed out and distressed denim into the look – either a skinny fit or boyfriend jean will do the job. A pair of leopard print loafers will inject some pattern – pony hair finishes add a luxurious flourish. The Jasmine bag completes the outfit and is also deep enough to stash a pair of fabulous heels – ideal for the post-work cocktails that become obligatory once party season kicks in!

Coat – Topshop

You can follow Sophie's #FiorelliHandpicked journey at @LaFashionFolie, and share your #FiorelliStyle with us on Twitter and Instagram at @Fiorelli_Bags! 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fashionable Film: Style Through a Moving Lens

There’s only one thing that fashionistas love even more than shopping; fashion films! Whether it’s Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel or Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, there’s something incredibly captivating about seeing our favourite actresses take centre stage, particularly when they’re playing our favourite style icons. Let’s take a look at some of the best fashion films from the past decade:

Coco Before Chanel

This wonderfully stylish film follows the early life of French fashion designer Coco Chanel and cites her humble beginnings as an orphan through to eventual success as the innovator behind the world’s most coveted fashion and beauty brand.

The film is set just before the first World War which is reflected in the set design and character outfits. For much of the film Coco (or Audrey Tautou who plays Coco) works as a struggling seamstress so the designers faced a challenge to make Coco look chic, yet poor. The result is androgynous hats, lace collars, plaid smock dresses and tweed.

My Week With Marilyn

Watching My Week with Marilyn, it’s easy to forget at times that Marilyn is being played by an actress, for Michelle Williams does such a good job of impersonating the star that the resemblance is positively uncanny. The audience are treated to 101 minutes of Monroe’s life, the highs, the lows, and of course, the outfits! 
Pillar box red lipstick, cat-eye sunglasses, figure hugging pencil skirts and waist clinching belts…Monroe captures the essence of the fifties in a way that makes the audience want to dive into a time machine and join her, if not for the rollercoaster lifestyle, then the incredible style.

Factory Girl

Sienna Miller leads us through the rise and fall of socialite and model Edie Sedgwick in the film Factory Girl. Factory Girl focuses on Sedgwick’s turbulent relationship with artist Andy Warhol and is set in the sixties. Sedgwick wears structured mini dresses, winged eyeliner, mink coats and statement earrings and though the film charts her ramshackle lifestyle, there is no denying Sedgwick was a true style icon.

We want to know what your favourite fashion films are - send us a Tweet and let us know at @Fiorelli_Bags!