Friday, 28 February 2014

Paris Fashion Week Report

If you're anything like us you've been glued to the style pages for the last four weeks with fashion month. This week Fiorelli HQ have been enjoying Paris Fashion Week and we couldn't help but take notice of some on trend looks in our very own collection.

The Cut Out
We saw this beautiful laser cut cape by Hunger Games dress designer, Tex Saverio in his sumptuous collection of black and gold pieces. Partnered with a bold statement headpiece, we can't help but love this over the top look.

For a more wearable look, the gorgeous geometry cut out is ever so similar to our black and gold Paris tote, stylish and spacious for every day use.

The Neon Pop
The Rochas show had countless oversized pieces from jackets to dresses, in muted colours for A/W 14. Who doesn't love layering on the pieces in the colder months and throwing a vintage coat over the top. The final flourish was an unexpected pop of colour with bright gloves in orange and yellow. 

Image source

We couldn't help but think of our Dixie clutch in our favourite Summer colour: Limeade. The Dixie will take you right through to next year with its bold hue taking centre stage. Why not partner it with a tan jacket or plum dress for an on trend look. 

Leopard Love
At the Carven show, there were some beautiful cartoon inspired pieces alongside bright coats and dresses with a hint of leopard on collars and cuffs. A simple embellishment which makes for a real style statement for Autumn/Winter '14. 

Image source
Leopard print has been a strong theme across our Spring/Summer collections and we love how easy it is to style these up with any outfit from bright jumpsuits to a chic black suit.

Our Harper Mini Grab, Harper Triple Compartment and Perry.
What were your favourite looks from fashion month? Did you have a stand out fashion week? We'd love to know! Leave us a comment here or tweet us on @Fiorelli_Bags.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Decade of Handbags

This week a 700 year old handbag believed to be the oldest in history was discovered in the city of Mosul, Iraq. Crafted in 1300, the bag is a masterpiece of intricate silver and gold metalwork which looks surprisingly similar to the sort of clutch bag you might expect to see in the shops today.

This news story got us thinking about how handbag trends have changed and developed over the course of history. From the hobo to the “IT” bag, join Fiorelli as we take a look at the most memorable handbag styles from the past decade.

*The famous 700 year old handbag will be available to view at the Courtauld Gallery in London until May 2014

The “Everything Goes” Era

In the last 10 years, every design under the sun has come to market. Be it a futuristic satchel or psychedelic printed clutch, we are living in the “everything goes” era.  And the designs are changing too. Over the past 50 years, handbag designs were primarily focused on femininity but now that bags are becoming more popular with the modern man, focus is shifting to androgynous, unisex styles.

There is also a growing demand for the commodity bag; the go-to solution for contemporary women. Hands-free, shoulder and laptop bags which are created for practicality as well as style are proving to be a hit with today’s fashionistas.

‘IT’ Handbags

One of the biggest handbag trends to emerge out of the 00’s is the status handbag, otherwise known as the “IT” bag. From classic designer collections to gotta-have-it styles, each season brought a new wave of covetable collectables and innovative designers to go alongside them. This has not so much changed over the past 10 years but evolved into an unwavering phenomenon. It seems we just can’t get enough of those beloved “IT” bags.  

In fact, our infatuation for designer handbags is so strong that there are now an abundance of fashion websites where you can rent out extravagant handbags for a fee. Amazing!

The Hobo Bag

The crescent shaped hobo bag has been enjoying its fair share of the limelight since 1936. Despite its slightly bizarre name, the hobo bag has become a cult classic in the fashion world, particularly over the last 10 years.
Much-loved for their roomy interior, convenient shoulder straps and uncomplicated styling qualities, the hobo design is perhaps the opposite of the “IT” bag. Hobo bags are made to blend in with casual wear and are ideal for the more low-key events in life such as off-duty strolls in the park or casual summer picnics. The hobo is highly favoured by designers and still remains a staple part of major handbag collections, even 78 years on! 

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Catch Up with our #LFWHang

With London Fashion Week finished, we’re already mentally planning our autumn/winter wardrobes. With all the excitement, we kept the fashion week feeling going for one day more and celebrated the latest trends to hit the catwalk with our #LFWHang in partnership with House of Fraser yesterday afternoon. 

Broadcasting our #LFWHang live on Google+ and YouTube, we spent an hour talking all things style with our Head of Design Lisa, as well as our expert blogger panel: Sophia of Girl in Menswear, Paula of The P-Ho Diaries, Emma of EJStyle, Natasha of Girl in the Lens and Julia of Stylonylon.

From handbags to party dresses, with just an hour to chat we could have gone on all afternoon! Our panel were also on hand to take questions from our Fiorelli fans on Twitter and the Q&A sidebar, and shared their style wisdom with our viewers, including the how to work the print clash trend, and the best bag for bust mums on the go (it’s the Harper, in case you missed it!) 

Julia of Stylonylon styling her #LFWHang Harper!

Live from the Fiorelli showroom, we were also able to give our viewers a special preview to our AW15 range and show what to expect for seasons still to come - taking up the feminine trend, you can be sure there will be a lot of structured ladylike bags that are perfect to get the look!

Head Designer Lisa giving a preview of our AW14 collection on our #LFWHang

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in to the #LFWHang live, or just want to watch it all again, you now can here

Do you have a #FiorelliStyle question for us? Just Tweet @Fiorelli_Bags to ask! 

How To: Throw the Perfect Dinner Party

How do you celebrate a special occasion when the weather is misbehaving and funds are low? It’s simple. Dust off your favourite recipe book, grab an apron and prepare to wow your guests with a dinner party to remember. Allow us to lead the way...

Choose a Theme
There's no denying it - everybody loves a theme. Be it a Mexican feast or a cheese and wine tasting event, choose a theme and your guests won't be able to resist. Don’t scrimp on the details- raid the internet for those sombrero hats and maracas, put together a special playlist and insist on fancy dress for an authentic and fun evening! 

Create a Memorable Menu
Once you've chosen your theme, set to work on your menu. We've all seen the look of horror on Come Dine with Me guests when they are presented with a starter of hummus and flat bread followed by a main of roasted chicken!   

Tease your guests as they arrive and display your menu near the front door so that everyone can see what’s on offer - after all, food will be the focal point of the evening. Handwritten blackboard menus are a nice personal touch and will be a great talking point amongst guests. Be creative with your dishes and their names: the more puns, the better!

Add an Element of Surprise

It’s the attention to detail which really stands out at a dinner party. Whether you make handmade decorations for your cocktails and canapés party, or give your piñata a twist, filling it with miniature spirit bottles for a Mexican cookout, don't be afraid to surprise your diners! When the plates are cleared and guests are making their way home, they’ll be thinking about all the special touches that the evening you planned, which has made dinner party history. 

Be the Hostess with the Mostest

Even with the best food and company, a great dinner party will fail to dazzle if the hostess isn't on top form. The last thing you want to do is leave everything to the last minute and dash around in a mad frenzy. Get organised so that when the big day arrives you've got time to pamper yourself and relax in preparation for the evening. And if disaster does strike, keep the bubbly flowing, smile and turn the music up. After all, the show must go on!

What are your top tips for hosting a memorable dinner party? Tweet to @Fiorelli_Bags to share your secrets! 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

#LFWHang: Meet the Panel

London Fashion Week is here and the secret is finally out. We are thrilled to tell you that this Wednesday 19th February, we are brining you our exclusive #LFWHang in partnership with House of Fraser!

'What does this mean?', you may be thinking? We will be hosting a Google Hangout live on Air, where our head of design, Lisa, alongside some of our favourite bloggers will talking all things Fashion Week as they share their favourite new-season trends, as well as their secrets on how to get the look. You can also put your style questions to these experts and watch them answered live!

So without waiting any longer, we're pleased to introduce our #LFWHang panel to you!

Lisa, Fiorelli Head of Design
Having designed Fiorelli bags for the past 15 years, Lisa knows a thing or two about bags! "The new collection is all about bags that are designed to look as beautiful as they are functional." To find out more about our new season collection and discover Lisa's design inspiration, tune in this Wednesday.

Sophia, Girl in Menswear
Known for her unique take on menswear staples, Sophia's androgynous style is what makes her blog Girl in Menswear stand out. Combine this with her recent relocation to Stockholm, and what you have is an androgynous Scandi-cool look that can't be beaten - "Swedes are extremely well-dressed, with certain monochrome uniform." With our Serena hobo bag, we can't wait to see more of Sophia's #LFWHang style!

 Paula, The Pho Diaries
With an eclectic but casual personal look, Paula of The Pho Diaries is definitely embracing this season's trends, predicting that "monochrome, slogan sweats and pastels - I love pastels with anything!" will be topping the style charts for SS14. Already sporting our Perry Shoulder bag with a bright coral coat, we can't wait to see how she wears it next.

Julia, Stylonylon
She may have swapped her heels for flats in aid of the school-run, but Julia's style is anything but mumsy. Pairing bold hues with stand-out prints, Julia has added an animal element to her cobalt Harper bag for perfect #LFWHang style for a look that we're sure is turning heads both at the school gates and Fashion Week.

Natasha, Girl in the Lens
"I dress for my mood, so my style is always evolving" - Natasha of Girl in the Lens is a true fashion chameleon, who looks just as comfortable in a structured dress and heels as she does in this season's must-wear ripped jeans. Pairing our Agyness tote with a luxe knit and leather trousers, Natasha's #LFWHang style is both fashion-forward and something we're all now dying to try!

Emma, EJStyle
A street-style pro, Emma is always at home in front of or behind the camera! With the style mantra "you can't go wrong with prints", it's no wonder she chose to pair her Brooke bag with a pastel pink printed skirt with a full enough shape to make any sixties style aficionado swoon! The perfect balance between girlish and structured, we can't wait to see how Emma styles this stand-out piece for our #LFWHang!

Do you have a question to put to our style panel? Just Tweet to @Fiorelli_Bags using #LFWHang to ask, and don't forget to tune in this Wednesday at 2pm to watch it answered live!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

#FiorelliTravels: Lisa Jets to New York

Our lovely Head Designer Lisa and her team recently went all the way to New York on the hunt for some trend inspiration for her next collection, and although this means that she spent most of her time working and carrying out important trend research in the Big Apple, it also means that she got the chance to do a spot of sightseeing and visit some of the trendiest hotspots too!

The design trip took place just a couple of days before the Superbowl and NYFW, and although you’d expect the shops to be buzzing with all things fashion week related, it was actually the excitement for the big game that was bubbling in the air! 

Department stores like Bloomingdales and Macy's were Superbowl crazy, and even featured a range of Superbowl head pieces created especially by designers and celebrities!

The weather was freezing during the trip, and what the New Yorkers were referring to as a light sprinkling of snow was what us Brits call a heavy snowfall! So, wrapped up and braving the freeze, it felt almost compulsory to hit a few of the coffee shops to warm up - the Cupping Room Café in West Broadway was just one of many that we visited! 

Sightseeing was a must, and New York takes your breath away all the more when it's lit up at night time. The Rockefeller Centre and it's sprinkling of fairy lights was amongst our favourite things to see.  

Of course, like true New Yorkers, we said goodbye to the city in a yellow cab. We were really sad to leave, but we managed to gather lots of design inspirations and hope that you'll love our collection next season!

From the runways to fashion icons, where do you get your style inspiration from? Tweet to tell us @Fiorelli_Bags!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Celebrating Women in Business

From cheering on Karren Brady in The Apprentice to creating designer handbags that suit the needs of the professional modern woman, we are all about girl power here at Fiorelli. With female entrepreneurs changing the landscape of the business world, we’re taking a look at some of the UK’s most successful business women for a little career inspiration. 

Top Female Entrepreneurs

Nicola Elliot, former Glamour magazine editor and founder of NEOM Organics

Nicola Elliot is a prominent mover and shaker in the luxury beauty sector. Beginning her career as editor of the fashion-focused InStyle and Glamour magazines, she later founded high-end beauty brand NEOM Organics. Specialising in indulgent organic products, Nicola’s brand has achieved cult status with Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow amongst her customer base.

Cassandra Stavrou, Founder of Propercorn

Popcorn is the latest craze snack. With portion sizes clocking up just half the calories of a bag of crisps and the snack containing more antioxidants than fruit and veg, it’s easy to see why we’re all going popcorn crazy!
30 year old Cassandra Stavrou is the brain behind the tastiest popcorn brand yet, Propercorn. Inspired by recipes she made as a child with her Dad, Cassandra has brought her addictive blend of wheat-free, gluten-free and guilt-free popcorn to the UK market, changing snack time forever!

Karren Brady, The Apprentice

Karren Brady is a true business entrepreneur through and through. After giving birth to her first child she returned to work just three days later – now that’s commitment. The Apprentice star has many credits to her name including politician, newspaper columnist, small business ambassador, novelist, sporting executive and television broadcaster - phew! We love seeing Karren on the Apprentice panel and can’t wait to hear more of her business insights when the new series arrives! 

Top Female Careers

Feeling inspired yet? We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best careers for women. Remember, it’s not all about salary - job satisfaction is a factor as important as any other!

Brand Manager
This is the hottest PR job right now. Responsible for the online presence and social media activity of a company (to name just a few areas!) a role such as this will give you the opportunity to be the voice of a brand. Most rewarding, it’s also the chance to interact with consumers on a daily basis and receive instant feedback for your efforts!

Interior Designer 
Are you a creative and a lover of home decorating? This may be your time to shine - due to a surge in the house market, interior design jobs are in big demand right now. You’ll need a little black book of contacts and an eye for design, you can spend your day talking ideas with clients, and contributing to the environment others come home to every day! 

Group Personal Trainer 
In a world of deadlines and long hours, personal trainers can enjoy some serious perks, including flexible working hours and different tasks each day depending on your clientele.  It’s also a great way to stay active yourself, meet a variety of people and help others achieve their desired level of fitness! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fashion Week-Ready Style

With London Fashion Week less than a week away, we're getting our style in check to make sure it's FROW-worthy. Check out our fashion forecast and see which essentials will be making it out of our wardrobes and onto the streets to make sure you stand out from the crowd during the city's most stylish week.

Get Your Coat
For an easy way to update your style mid-season, the Spring jacket is your best bet. Stay warm against the winter chill with a coat in a sweet sorbet shade or, if the weather stays fair, opt for a classic leather biker in a modern blue hue. Throw this style staple on top of any outfit and you're good to go!

Skirting The Issue
A new season means a whole host of new skirt styles as leather skirts are given a modern twist in pretty pastels, while the humble midi is rejuvenated with box pleats and graphic prints. Whichever type you choose, balance the look with a simple t-shirt to achieve the ever desired effortless look that says "I just threw this on!" 

Say What You Want
There's no denying it, the slogan is having a revival, and has been upgraded from the humble t-shirt to lusted-after knits and sweats. During the winter we were eased in to this loud trend with muted greys, but for spring/summer it's all or nothing with bold and bright colours to catch our eyes. Style your slogan sweater with a pair of chic cigarette trousers and contrasting pumps for a casual yet chic Fashion-Week ready look. 

Get Your Style in the Bag
Any fashionista worth their salt knows that this year it's all about the bag. For a style to match any fashion identity you choose to take on this London Fashion Week, our Harper bag is the only accessory to be seen with on your arm. The only question is, how will you wear yours?

What trends will you be trialling this London Fashion Week? Share your new-season #FiorelliStyle us and tag us in your Instagram photos, or Tweet to tell us why it's #AllAboutTheBag for you this London Fashion Week at @Fiorelli_Bags. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fiorelli HQ Style: Rachel

This week, it’s our lovely International Sales Assistant Rachel Rainsbury’s turn to show you her Fiorelli HQ style!  

Today, Rachel's teamed her black ensemble with our stylish Paris tote in bright mandarin, which she's currently carrying because it fulfils her fashion criteria yet is also very functional. Plus, she admits that most of her outfits are black, so, the bright hue is perfect for infusing a burst of colour into her look! And she often opts for this kind of style as structured totes are her favourite. 

And we thought that you'd love to learn a little bit more about Fiorelli HQ's style, so, we asked Rachel the following questions:

Tell us about your style? 
I don’t actually have a specific style, it really is what I feel most comfortable in on the day! My most preferred style however, is a  polished, feminine look.

Favourite Style Icon?
My ultimate has to be Olivia Palermo because she always looks stylish and impeccably flawless. Victoria Beckham always looks great too but I've only recently started to appreciate her consistent, beautiful style. 

Other Fashion Inspirations?
I subscribe to Harpers Bazaar, which gives me lots of inspiration, and I like to follow Bloggers, especially on Instagram. I really admire Kristina Bazan's style and the fact that she knows how to accessorise anything! 

Favourite Trends?
Currently I'm wearing statement necklaces, skater skirts and a lot of monochrome. I'm looking forward to testing out some new trends when spring properly arrives.

If you like Rachel's style, you can get the look right here! And don't forget, we still want to she your #FiorelliStyle, so, share your stylish photos with us on Instagram or Twitter @Fiorelli_Bags. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Discover our Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Whether you love it or hate it, get set for THE date night of the year with Fiorelli. Dress to impress this February with Fiorelli’s Valentine’s Day style guide. 

From L-R: Dress, Bag, Shoes

The UK’s biggest love celebration isn’t for everyone; if you're newly single or simply don’t believe in the notion of Valentine’s Day. Either way, themed dressing is a fun way to embrace Valentine’s and every designer from Marc Jacobs to Burberry is channelling the heart print trend.

Wear your heart on your sleeve by turning up to the office in this gorgeous heart print shirt dress, which comes with a figure-flattering waist belt to show off those curves. Team the look with a pair of understated, classic brogues and our very own Fiorelli Vivi Grab in black mix. 

From L-R: Dress, Necklace, Clutch

Be it skater skirts, V-neck bodices or hair accessories, velvet is enjoying something of a revival on the fashion scene. In a deep red, this crushed velvet number is perfect for that extra special Valentine’s date night. Boasting a sweetheart neckline and figure-enhancing, bodycon fit, your valentine won’t be able to take their eyes off you!

Red and gold are always a stunning combination: pair your dress with the Fiorelli gold and crystal bib necklace which just oozes 1920’s glamour with the striking coloured crystals creating a truly glamorous effect. Top your outfit off with our Juliet Clutch in midnight black for a extra elegant Valentine's look. 

From L-R: Blouse, Jeans, Bag, Lipstick

Sometimes all you need on Valentine’s Day is to be surrounded by your friends, a glass of fizz and a great rom com featuring a handsome leading actor. If this description fits the bill, a girl’s night in on Valentine’s could be the best option. And with all the money you’ll save on cards, presents and expensive meals out, why not treat yourself to a stylish new outfit?

The Fiorelli Harper in winter floral print is the new statement bag; spacious and stylish, you’ll want to take it everywhere. Style the bag with a pair of drainpipe jeans, a printed blouse and complete the look with a slick of red lipstick. Eat your heart out Valentine’s!

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Trend Alert: Borrowed From the Boys

Maintaining it's place on the catwalk season after season, the androgynous trend certainly isn't anything new to the fashion world. However, that's not to say that it is a constant source of intrigue and a look that is constantly evolving.

Whether you're feminising masculine lines with feminine hues á la Stella McCartney, or vamping up tailoring in the style of Kate Moss in Yves Saint Laurent's lusted-after Le Smoking tux, there are many different ways to take inspiration from this trend for a look that's borrowed from the boys. We take a look at a few easy ways to instantly add a masculine edge to any outfit.

The Oversized Blazer
A style staple for many years, you can do no wrong with an oversized blazer when looking to update an otherwise girlish outfit. Whether draped over your shoulders to balance out a floaty floral tea dress, or paired with the skinniest of jeans, a slouchy jacket will instantly add an effortlessly undone element to any look. Our style tip? Don't take 'oversized' too literally - be sure that your jacket still fits at the shoulders, and that you're not drowning in your jacket! Our inspiration for this look is - of course - French Vogue's undeniably cool editor, Emmanuelle Alt, who shows us that the Parisians really do do this look best!

The Shoe
Whatever the trend, shoes are always an easy way to channel a certain style without fully committing to it. If you're not completely sure that the androgynous look is for you, we would suggest investing in a pair of shoes that nod to the trend, without stepping completely over the border into masculine territory. The golden rule when searching for a pair of boyish shoes is that they must be flat, and it just so happens that flats are back for SS14! With so many styles, we're spoilt for choice. For a casual look, this season it's all about channelling your inner skater with a pair of slip-on trainers - for bonus points, slip into a printed pair and work two trends in one. For something that's a little more office-appropriate, monk-strap shoes have surpassed the humble brogue this season and look fabulous with anything from trousers to a-line skirts. Finally, if you'd like your footwear to be a little more sturdy to see you through the rest of the winter weather, a Chelsea boot is an easy option that will pull any androgynous outfit together. 

The Bag
Taking on this tricky trend has never been easier thanks to our Harper portfolio bag. In a classic tan, this bag will neutralise any outfit and fit seamlessly into your workwear style, while the mock-croc detailing gives it a ladylike twist. For the perfect androgynous workwear style, pair yours with a white chiffon blouse and navy pinstripe trousers and demand the attention of everyone in the office before switching the blouse for a slouchy t-shirt and statement necklace for a look that will take you from desk to dinner in an instant. 

How are you making the androgynous trend your own? Share your new season style snaps with us on Twitter and Instagram at @Fiorelli_Bags!