Thursday, 29 May 2014

#FiorelliTravels: The Chloe Crossbody Heads to Stonehenge

For this week’s #FiorelliTravels, team member Ilaria wanted to share her own #FiorelliStyle with you from her trip out to Stonehenge where she opted to take along her stylish Fiorelli Chloe crossbody. 

Amongst the peaceful sheep filled fields in Wiltshire, you’ll find the amazing Stonehenge. Nobody knows for certain why it was built but these day’s it serves as a much frequented tourist attraction as well as the ultimate location to celebrate the Summer Solstice. So,why not get out your best Fiorellis and head on over to one of the UK's best kept English heritage spots?! 

For the fun outing, Ilaria kept it smart causal and teamed her Chloe crossbody with a trendy leather skirt and trainers. Finishing the look with a cool denim jacket and chic scarf. 

Given Stonehenge’s rural location, the practical yet stylish Chloe was the perfect choice, as it’s big enough to carry all of your essentials yet effortless to carry ensuring that you remain hands free and ready to take all of those obligatory photos! How will you be styling yours?

Don't forget to show us your own #FiorlelliStyle by tagging us in your photos on Instagram or Twitter. We can't wait to see! 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Best Dressed at Cannes 2014

Rubbing shoulders with Ryan Gosling, watching tomorrow's finest films 6 months ahead of everybody else, dressing up to the nines… You've got to envy the Cannes attendees! Despite the fact that we couldn't be part of this year’s action, we've kept our eyes fixed on the hottest fashion from the film festival as as to bring you our edit of the Cannes best dressed.

Sofia Coppola

Best known for being the daughter of Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola and words behind hit films The Bling Ring and Lost in Translation, Coppola has it all. The demure star opted for pared down glamour at this year’s film festival choosing an elegant leaf print maxi with black t-shirt sleeves.

The director, writer and actress extraordinaire is currently at the helm of an avant-garde remake of The Little Mermaid. The cast has been kept under wraps so far, but Harry Potter actress Emma Watson is hotly rumoured to be the main character. Watch this space!

Uma Thurman

 Black and white Hollywood filter, iconic hand gesture, superstar dress, adoring public- this could easily be a picture from the 1950’s. And yet this snap of Uma Thurman was taken just a week ago. The Kill Bill actress dazzled at the Cannes in a Marilyn Monroe-esque gown with sparkly earrings and a curly up do.

The bold dress was coloured sun yellow to make a statement as Thurman was joined by John Travolta and Quentin Tarantino for a special anniversary screening of Pulp Fiction. How the other half live eh.

Lara Stone

And the hottest figure on the red carpet award goes to… Lara Stone! Relatively new to the industry, Lara is primarily a model but is now branching out onto the big screen via short films and glamorous biopic documentaries.

It’s difficult to pull off shocking pink without looking like a Barbie doll, but Stone managed to look fiercely attractive as she entered the Cannes with the paparazzi practically falling over themselves to take a Kodak moment. With just an understated bracelet and ring complementing her dress, Stone let her Calvin Klein maxi take the limelight. 

Who would you award best dressed at the Cannes? Whether it’s Lara, Sofia, Uma or another fashionista let us know by tweeting us @Fiorelli_Bags

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Choosing the Perfect Purse

Picking the perfect purse is potentially precarious for even the most savvy purveyor of fashion. Alliteration aside, making sure you’ve matched your purse with your outfit is key to any Spring/Summer look. 

Whether you’re colour blocking with the rest of your accessories or going for the subtle monochrome look, it can make or break any outfit. Fortunately, we have the solution for every conceivable combination.
Harper Large Dropdown Purse

With the sun starting to make an appearance, there’s never been a better time to bring out the (faux) animal skin with our Harper Dropdown Purse. Perfect for taking on a night out or just relaxing in the park with friends, the Harper adds some texture to your outfit without being too loud about it.

An essential summer companion with full zip around detail, this elegant piece makes a statement wherever it goes.

Adele Large Purse

In a world always looking for the new black, we’re quite happy with the original. The Adele purse is a blend of classic style with modern design making it the ideal everyday purse.

A suitable addition to any outfit the Adele will work with anything you throw at it - making it not just a smart decision but a staple inclusion to any handbag.

Neema Medium Trifold Purse

This summer, it's all about colour blocking and what better way to show off your style than with our Neema Trifold Purse. Perfect for making a statement this summer, the Neema is available in Navy & Red or Cobalt & Ice for any outfits you may have planned. 

However you plan to style your Summer wardrobe, we’ve got something to suit. What do you look for when buying a new purse? Let us know on Twitter @Fiorelli_Bags or by leaving us a comment below.

Friday, 23 May 2014

#FiorelliTravels: The Mini Harper Goes to the Seaside

The weather was so perfect last weekend that a trip along to the seaside was a must. So, Jo from the Fiorelli team decided to take her mini Harper along to Exmouth for a long weekend away. Get ready to see her #FiorelliTravels! 

Exmouth beach is a great sandy stretch at the start of the Jurassic Coast, which leaves you spoilt for choice with the amount of things to do along the seafront,  including bowling, crazy golf, or the Swan boating lake. It's an area of great natural beauty too, and it's hard to believe that this photo was even taken in the UK!

The rockpools around the beach are great for finding a range of sea-life creatures such as crabs, starfish, and anemones, and there's also a breathtaking lifeboat centre that deserves a visit if you're in the area too.
They recently had to raise over £150,000 towards the £1 million cost of a new lifeboat and launch trailer, and a flotilla passed through the town to welcome the new state of the art boat. 

Exmouth is also a great place to grab a nice hot cup of tea and traditional tea cake, and with the temperamental British weather, it's always good to have a choice of Cafés to hide away in. One of the best is the Carriage Café!
The Bicton Botanical gardens are also nearby, and at this time of the year, it's filled with beautiful azaleas and rhodedendrons in bloom. It's home to a great nature walk, and glasshouses full of tropical plants. 

* Image features Mini Harper*

Now that Jo has shared her #FiorelliTravels with you, why not share yours with us? Tag us in your photos on Twitter or Instagram.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Handbag Faux Pas and Other Fashion No-no's

As much as we like to think we’ve got the fashion game covered, there are always a few exceptions which manage to slip through the net. From the infamous socks and sandals combo to the dreaded bum bag, let’s take a look at some of the most common fashion faux pas for women.
Bum Bags
The 90’s brought us many great things; Destiny’s Child, plaid printed skirts and high-waisted jeans are all notable highlights. On the other hand, the 90’s also brought windbreakers, bandannas and the holy grail of fashion no no’s- bum bags -to the world of fashion.
From middle-aged hikers to young adult ravers, bum bags became the marmite accessory which divided the nation. And although the noughties drove them away, those insufferable bum bags have come back with a vengeance as festival fever sweeps across the UK. 
They might be hands-free, they might be good enough for Rihanna and they might come in handy when you’re trekking up the Himalayas, but they don’t half look ugly. Get the fashion police on patrol; we appear to have an infestation on our hands!
Socks with Sandals
There are very few people in the world who would disagree with the opinion that socks and sandals are the worst fashion faux pas on the planet. 
From Hawaiian shirted tourists sporting the dreadful combo to the usually demure Olsen twins rocking up at the airport complete with matching sandals and socks- is there any way to pull off this look? We think not.
Far be it from us to discourage loungewear when at home, relaxing or in-between getting ready for a night out, but wearing it out for the day is an entirely different matter. Add a shiny, garish material known as velour to the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster.
Nonetheless everyone from Vanessa Hudgens to Paris Hilton has been spotted wearing the tracksuit. From the LA sidewalk to serious shopping trips it seems that for some women, the velour tracksuit is a much loved outfit.
Have you got any more faux pas to add to our list? Perhaps you’ve got a guilty fashion pleasure of your own that you’d be willing to share? Tweet us your biggest fashion no no’s @Fiorelli_Bags or drop us a comment below.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bloggers style Fiorelli

We've had some great fashion bloggers styling our Fiorelli Spring/Summer collection over the last few months, and wanted to share their Fiorelli looks with you along with some blogger styling tips!

Helen from The Love Cats Inc

Helen styled our Harper Mini in Pale Sky with a range of blue hues for Spring. The textures of the denim jacket draped over her shoulders contrast with her suede boots. She finished the look with pink lips and sunglasses epitomising casual chic.

Julia from Stylonylon

Julia styled our Harper Triple Compartment in Cobalt Black with quirky accessories including a gorgeous luxe tartan scarf and leopard print pumps. We love Julia's use of bold colours and layering for her unique Fiorelli outfit of the day. 

Paula from the The P-Ho Diaries

Paula wore our Perry in Black and Leopard for ladylike style with her pretty pink coat for a gorgeous Spring outfit. Paula founded the look on classic black, with leather trousers and heeled boots. We love this simple yet stylish look, great for a special occasion.

Suscribe to the blog to be notified for our next Fiorelli blogger styling post, as we have some great outfits ahead too! How do you style your Fiorelli? Let us know by sending your style shots to us on Twitter and Instagram at @Fiorelli_Bags.

Friday, 16 May 2014

#FiorelliTravels: New York with our Tillie Satchel

This week, we thought that we'd give you another little glimpse into our #FiorelliTravels! Our International Sales Manager Iva headed to the fabulous New York for business, as she popped over for a flying visit to catch up with some of our international distributors. And her Fiorelli arm candy of choice? Our Small Tillie satchel made the perfect travel companion.

Iva kick started each day with a little jog through Central Park, as she was staying at the conveniently located Hudson hotel. If only we could all start our days this way, and of course, we'd also head to our local coffee shop with our group of friends too!

A big part of Iva's trip involved visiting some of New York's most iconic shops to look for possible fits for new collaborations and general handbag trends! Sounds like such a burden, doesn't it? 

And believe it or not, although Iva's job involves travelling abroad to visit some of the most iconic department stores around, there's no time to hit the rails and shop for yourself. Well, every dream job has to have its downsides. 

Would you love a career that combined handbags and travel? Why not share your dream jobs with us by dropping a comment below or getting in touch with us @Fiorelli_Bags on Twitter? 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Here Come the Girls: Weekend Getaway Ideas

With the May bank holiday on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to arrange a girly catch up with the bff’s. From chocolate tasting in York to spa breaks in Bath, discover the best city breaks for girls with Fiorelli.

Go Chocolate Tasting in York

Indulge your love of cocoa by travelling to the UK’s chocolate capital; York. Celebrate all things sweet with a whistle-stop tour of York and learn about the history of the iconic Kit Kat and Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Try your hand at designing a chocolate concoction of your own; sample sweet treats in a plethora of themed cafes and when you’ve had enough sugar, work it off by browsing the various fashion boutiques and independent jewellers dotted around the city. 

Pamper Yourself with a Girly Weekend Away in Bath

For a weekend of sheer pampering head to the quaint city of Bath. A haven of independent shops, cute restaurants and stunning architecture, Bath is the ideal destination for a hen do or girly catch up weekend.

Relax and unwind in the Thermae Bath Spa where you can take your pick of 3 amazing heated pools and a range of beautifully scented saunas such as eucalyptus and mint. The Thermae Bath Spa is the UK’s only natural thermal spa and taking a trip to the open air rooftop offers visitors unrivalled views over Bath- you may even catch a sun tan!

After the spa, head to Aqua Italia – a chic restaurant serving up authentic Italian food in the heart of Bath. From hand-stretched pizzas to lobster ravioli, the stylish environment and friendly staff make this a great place to line the stomach before some cheeky cocktails at Sub 13.

Shop ‘til you Drop in London

If it’s retail therapy that you’re craving, there’s nowhere else like London. From the cobbled streets of Carnaby Street to the attractive Covent Garden armed with enough flagship stores to keep you busy for hours, London is a shopping paradise.

Once the shops have closed, head to Le Relais de Venise in Marylebone for arguably the best steak in London. The menu is simple; steak, chips, salad and secret sauce- but it works so well. Each table are served a salad starter, accompanied by steak and frites and a final course of even more steak and frites all accompanied by a delicious secret sauce. It’s every steak lover’s dream.

Are you planning a weekend away with the girls this May? We’d love to know your favourite destinations. Tweet us @Fiorelli_Bags or drop us a comment below.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Handbag Beauty Essentials

Here at Fiorelli HQ, we're often discussing our beauty favourites and thought we would put them in a blog post for you lovely readers!

At the top of list is Jurlique's Moisturising Hand Sanitiser, the Australian natural beauty range's star handbag product in our eyes! Unlike other Hand Sanitisers, it contains no harmful chemicals and contain organic moisturisers to keep hands both clean and soft!

Our next handbag must-have is Clarins Instant Natural Lip Perfector, which comes in six beautiful soft shades. This gently plumping lip gel adds instant glamour to any look when worn over lip colour or alone. It also smells gorgeous for the ultimate beauty sensation!

Our absolute favourite for hair has to be the Twistband. Back in the day, scrunchies used to be perfect for keeping hair up and out of the way, but soon become a style no-no. For a stylish replacement, the Twistband was created - it doesn't pull on hair or create kinks and it looks just as good on your wrist as on your ponytail!

No handbag is complete without a petite perfume, and our top pick is Stella McCartney's "Stella", which comes in a Limited Edition range of 30ml minis with unique blue, yellow and grey prints. The fragrance combines and contrasts two classic scents, Amber and Rose for an exotic, rich scent. 

We're putting all of tour hand beauty essentials in our Summer Mix range, like our Abbie Bowling Bag. Our Abbie is the perfect size for everyday, with a cross body shoulder strap for multi-styling. 

What are your must-have beauty items for your handbag? Let us know by leaving a comment below or via Twitter @Fiorelli_Bags.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fiorelli at the Drapers Footwear & Accessories Awards 2014

This year, we were so excited to be nominated as Accessories Brand of the Year as part of the Drapers Footwear & Accessories Awards 2014. It’s fantastic that Fiorelli has been recognised by such a prestigious industry awards ceremony… And of course, we couldn't wait to get our glad rags on and attend such a glitzy event!

So, we headed over to the swanky Hilton Hotel on the iconic Park Lane in London, and mingled with the industry’s finest as we waited for the ceremony to begin. 

We spied some of our favourite celebs amongst the tables too such as TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh, and  presenter Caroline Flack who was on hand to dish out those much sought after awards. 

It was a fun filled night from costume booths to playing in its pop up casino, or simply enjoying the delicious food, we had a great time, and although we didn't win an award, this wonderful event proved that it's definitely the taking part that counts.

Image via @ALC_Edinburgh on Twitter

We did leave with one thing, however, and that's a new found style crush on the beautiful Caroline Flack! Opting for a demure black jumpsuit, she completed her look with a bright colour pop thanks to her neon yellow heels but we couldn't help thinking that her outfit was missing one vital thing... A bit of arm candy, of course! So, here's how we'll be stealing her style with a Fiorelli twist thanks to our Dixie shoulder clutch

Images: Jumpsuit, Heels, Clutch 

And don't forget that we we love seeing your own #FiorelliStyle too, so, please share your stylish photos with us on Twitter or Instagram

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to Style: The Floppy Hat

The floppy hat has become a must-have accessory for summer, if it isn’t Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh rocking the cartazi with an all-black ensemble then it’s Beyonce styling a fedora with silver reflective sunglasses. Everywhere you turn, the floppy hat is making its mark on the fashion world. Find out how to style this year’s most covetable trend with Fiorelli.

Bohemian Chic

There’s no denying that the floppy hat trend is most commonly associated with music festivals. Floppy hats just work so well paired with free flowing kimonos, heavy jewellery and a pair of wayfarers. Even the most sophisticated outfit can be given a bohemian update with the help of a felt floppy hat or cartazi.

The City Slicker

London is going headwear crazy, and hats are leading the way. From fedoras paired with feathers to trilbies styled with jeans and a leather jacket, it’s all about the hat. Millie Mackintosh has got the city slicker look down to a tee with her casual cool dress sense. And as well as being something of a style icon, Mackintosh is also queen of the floppy hat. 

A quick peek at the socialite’s personal Instagram account returns numerous photos of Mackintosh championing the floppy hat. Take the above photo for example; Mackintosh makes the floppy hat trend look effortless with knee high boots, a fur coat, leather trousers and a statement bag adding a welcome pop of colour.

Emulate the look with your very own monochrome ensemble; we suggest teaming your outfit with a colourful handbag such as the Fiorelli Mini Harper in Pale Sky to add a statement pop of colour.

Fedora Trend
Wearing a fedora is a simple way to work the androgynous look. Queen of pop Beyoncé looks effortless pictured here in loafers, patterned trousers, John Lennon style sunglasses, a blazer and of course, a wide brim fedora.

Style yours with boyish brogues and a t-shirt dress for a neutral mix of feminine and masculine or go for leather with a structured blazer, oversized shirt and tapered jeans.

How will you wear yours? Drop us a comment below or tag us in your floppy hat style shots on Instagram - @Fiorelli_bags.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Trend: Florals and Brights

It's officially Sping and here at Fiorelli HQ, we've fallen for Florals and Brights for the new season. From Burberry's Spring/Summer '14 catwalk, where we saw an array of colours dappled with gorgeous soft detailing, to Mary Katrantzou, where bold florals prints dominated the catwalk in rich cobalt, royal purple and emerald green. 
Mary Katranzou SS14

Burberry SS14

As Summer arrives, this is the perfect time to try these new colourful accessories whether it's head-to-toe style or simply opt for a bright handbag. Our Paris and Harper Mini range stand out with bold statement style in limeade, mandarin and teal. Add one of these to your current look for immediate on trend style, however as these are classic styles, they'll be wearable for many more seasons too.

We've found these lovely floral pieces on the John Lewis EDIT which we thought would be perfectly paired with our bright bags, from casual day time with teal, to wedding guest in pink hues or for the office yellow and pastels florals work beautifully. 

How are you styling bold brights and florals prints for Spring? Send us your #FiorelliStyle outfit photos via Twitter and Instagram or let us know by leaving a comment below.